#teacher5aday #pledge 2017

@martynreah asked the questions ‘is now the time to think about your well-being for next year? Could #teacher5aday help you plan how you might spend more time looking after you?

By writing down some aims and aspirations for the coming year, and then sharing them here, I hope it will make me more likely to stick to them.


#learn My cat gets stuck on the roof at least once a week (this is relevant). She loves being on the roof, and she is really good at climbing up there. Unfortunately, due to her sedentary lifestyle she can’t make her own way down, and has to wait to be let back inside the house.

I don’t want to be like her, and be trapped into doing things how I have always done them even if the outcome isn’t always wonderful if there are alternative approaches that might be better.

  • I will continue to read, read, read.
  • I will listen more and try not to make the same mistakes more than once.


#connect Our school is part of a relatively new Learning Partnership with some other local primary schools. This provides massive potential  for all of us to share and learn from each other.

  • I will give this project the necessary energy and time so that it has every opportunity to succeed.
  • I will continue to use Twitter to learn and share, and to be amused and entertained.
  • I will keep talking about what we do in our school to get feedback and celebrate our work, and I will keep listening to help us get better.



  • I will be better at asking for help and listening to the advice of colleagues
  • I will  offer help if I think other people might need it, even if they don’t ask for it




I am lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the country and need to explore more of it.

  • I will go to some new places and take photos of them, with the aim of enjoying the places and getting better at photography.


#exercise I really like the process of identifying a running event to take part in, training for it and taking part feeling as well prepared as possible.


  • I will be more realistic about the distances to go for this year, and look for  a few 10K events to take part in during 2017. This will mean regular visits to the gym, not running when I shouldn’t, and not finding excuses for missing a session.

As well as the physical benefits, having something like this to work towards will mean I have something else outside of the job to think about and look forward to.


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