Wellbeing Survey

The key priority for our school this year is to improve staff and pupil wellbeing. As part of this, for the first time we gave all of our staff a wellbeing questionnaire. The outcomes gave me some real food for thought.

The survey showed that one area that our school leadership team really needs to work on is consulting about change, and making sure we are really clear about the need for change. Some people also felt they didn’t get enough training in order to implement new procedures properly.

My first reaction when seeing these results was that some changes get foisted on us, and it’s not always possible to consult people about them. I then thought about how sometimes it is easier to see the need for change if you are in a leadership post and can see the bigger picture. My next reaction was that sometimes school leaders need to make changes quickly, and it isn’t possible to consult everyone if you just need to get on with things.

I then thought a bit more and realised that these three reactions were wrong, and really just excuses for me getting things wrong in the past. If we really want to improve wellbeing we have to do things differently.

So, from now on I won’t use any of the three excuses.

If we want to try a new way of doing something we will implement it properly. We will be really clear with everyone about why a change is needed. Before rolling anything out to the whole staff, we will have a trial with a small group of willing volunteers and evaluate whether or not it works. We will make sure we are clear about what needs to stop being done to make room for the new thing. Finally, we will give proper time for training, and proper time for implementation.

Hopefully, when we run the questionnaire again at the end of the year we will see an improvement!



One thought on “Wellbeing Survey

  1. I really love this. For so many reasons. You inspire me as I look for role models on my leadership journey. I was born in Exeter. I love the idea that staff and pupil wellbeing are so important to you.
    Do you have copy of the questionnaire you used?

    I went to this yesterday. The importance of a happy school was key: https://lenabellina.wordpress.com/2016/11/06/it-can-be-done-inspiration-from-karin-chenoweth/

    Thanks so much for your post.


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