Having thought about how Wheeler Dealers can teach you about school leadership, I started thinking about whether the same is true for Coronation Street.

Here are 10 things I came up with that a being character in Coronation Street and being a headteacher have in common:

You are sometimes the only one to know something that you know will be important to other people, but you can’t tell them. 

You are sometimes the only person who doesn’t know something that everyone else does. 

It goes on and on and it feels like it will never end. The one day it does (unless you’re Ken Barlow).

Lots of people scrutinise everything you do.

You get used to seeing the same faces every day.

So much happens so quickly that if you miss a little bit you miss a lot. 

What you do is really important to lots of people.

Not everyone likes doing it, but if you do you get really passionate about it. 

When you leave everyone quickly forgets about you.

It’s a bit like real life.

Next time – Are there 10 similarities between being in Midsomer Murders and being a headteacher?


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